Sunday, January 4, 2009

Publication Catch Up

Time to play catch up! I had some publications in late 2008 that I never got to share, so here they are. First up is the December 2008 issue of Crafts 'n Things magazine. I had five cards in this issue, all on the same page! Click the image below for a closer look.

What's even cooler is that all five of these projects are available as step-by-step instructions online! Just click the name of the card you want to view, and the instructions will open as PDF files. You may need to reduce the images for easier viewing.

I also had four cards in Volume 11 of Just Cards! magazine. They are scattered throughout the magazine, so I'm going to skip all the scans. I didn't even know I was in this issue until a friend pointed it out to me. The magazine editorial staff accidentally left my name off of the list for mailing, so this publication came as a nice surprise!


Marci Knecht said...

Wow, you had an awesome year for pubs! Congrats :)

Kristen Hermanny said...

Well deserved publication. And some very Great cards! Your work is wonderful.
Thank you for sharing your work. And happy New Year!


Renee Dowling said...

Hi Jolene,
Happy New Years to you and your family, it never surprises me how many cards of yours are picked up for publication , they are all amazing!!!

lauren said...

oh you are just THE QUEEN of publication! and totally well-deserved, i might add! i am constantly impressed by the cards themselves, of course, but then ALSO by the way you figure out what to make for WHOM and then where to send them to get them *IN* magazines! ...mebbe someday you will mentor me in this field...oh great one... :) :) :)