Monday, October 27, 2008

Carmen and Jack

Who says that Halloween is just for kids? Scott and I decided to get in on the fun this year and attended a superb party on Friday dressed as Carmen Miranda and Captain Jack Sparrow. I'm fairly certain that this was both the first *and* last time that Scott wore more eye makeup than I did!!


Kjirsten said...

Boom chicka wah wah!!! Looking GOOOOD!!! and you don't look so bad yourself, lol

Anonymous said...

Crackin up at the comment about Scott wearing more makeup than you. lol!!!
you guys look great!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow!! How awsome do you two look , I soo wish we celebrated Halloween here, looks like you had a blast!!

deb said...

hee hee. How fun is that??!!!!!

lauren bergold said...

HOLY MACARONI!!!!!!!!! take me now, lord, because i have officially seen *EVERYTHING*!!!!!!

no seriously, you both look AMAZING...which reminds me...if you--oh mom of several children-- keep coming around t'internet showing off your much-flatter-than-mine-is belly, i may have to sneak in and start feeding you cheese danish in your sleep. consider yourself warned, ok??! :)