Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cards Magazine - August 2008

Today I'm just catching up with sharing a recent publication with you. This card was published in the August 2008 issue of Cards magazine. It was a card that I made on a crop weekend with some dear friends. I just love how this magazine photographs the projects they publish - it only enhances the overall design in my opinion. Click the image for a closer peek. Thanks for looking. ♥


Unknown said...

Beautiful Jolene - they do such a wonderful job photographing projects but your card doesn't need any help! :)

Kristen H said...

This is a wonderful card. It has to feel GREAT to see your work in print. Especially when they display it so nicely.
Happy weekend!

lauren bergold said...

i'm with julie--there is NO WAY that any of your beeeeeautiful creations *ever* need any help to look amazing!!!

(ps congrats on yet another well-deserved pub!)