Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Tigers and Awnings

Well, this post is bound to be interesting with a title like that! Tonight we took our first steps into the scouting world. Ian joined Cub Scouts and became a member of Pack 130's Tiger Den here in Fishers, Indiana. This is my first scouting experience, too, so we are going to learn together. Luckily Scott did some scouting as a child and is going to be a big help...when he remembers anything from his childhood, that is.

On another note, this layout features some amazing portraits taken by our dear friend Tammy Mullis. I made this project for DT work with in Australia. A teaching friend of mine from Pennsylvania once said about Ian: "Honey, that child does not have eyelashes. He has awnings." Tammy is an expert about posing Ian to highlight exactly that feature, and I am more than happy to scrap the results.


{patty} said...
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{patty} said...

OKay so I had to delete the last comment because I said Matthew would enjoy cub scouts. my bad!

Ian will enjoy them, it's totally all about being a boy. Chase loved that part, no girls allowed! LOL

Those lashes are to die for!!

Thanks for your sweet words on my blog! love ya!

Kjirsten said...

OMG, how cute is your son!!!!
and you're right, lashes to die for.

Angie said...

Oh Jolene another amazing layout by you. You have to most adorable little boys.

Shell said...

so good to have you linked to Australia Jo Jo.

I love your friend's phrase about Ian's awnings! So cool!