Tuesday, September 2, 2008

September at (Some) Assembly Required

It's back to school time at (Some) Assembly Required. For September's challenge, please alter a lunch pail or similar container and link us up by midnight on Tuesday, September 30th. One lucky winner will receive an awesome prize pack filled with goodies!

This is a fun little project I made for my son, Ian. I printed messages on cardstock, then stamped and colored fun images of animals with books, pencils, etc. I'm going to be tucking these little "love notes" into his lunches as the year goes on. The cards are laminated to keep them clean from messy second-grade crumbs and spills so I can reuse them when possible.

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Leslie said...

I love those notes you laminated for Ian. My kids LOVE when I send them notes in their lunch boxes. They always keep them and want to put them on their bulletin boards. It melts my heart. :)