Thursday, February 25, 2010

Scrapbook {Express}ions Ad Challenge

I'm hosting an ad inspiration challenge at the Scrapbook {Express}ions blog today. Come play along!


chiges said...

This is very nice and beautiful! I like it!

Maryfrances said...

I love all the goodies on the bottom of your layout. The small space of the brown background paper is a neat addition also, it give the layout a nice break.

LG said...

hi hun! Thanks for your lovely comment at my blog. You are the sweetest.

Love this layout! Love those square embellishments. so cute

lauren said...

oh wow! this is gorgeous AND clever...i love how you've worked in *5* photos with absolutely NO feeling of crowdedness or overload! (the small squares are particularly'd think they'd get lost...but no...they are a lovely little surprise as the eye travels around the page!)

duuuuuuude! (or should i say, "MY DEER"...ok, no...definitely NOT!) :) but are ♥GOOOOOD♥!!!