Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Scrapbook {Express}ions: Silhouette Tip

I posted some tips for using the Silhouette electronic die cutting machine at the Scrapbook {Express}ions blog today. The supply list for this card is posted there, too. Can anyone guess which little monkey in our house is getting this card for his 5th birthday next week?

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lauren bergold said...

holy mackeral, you're little guy is 5 already??! ...and yet *WE* haven't aged at all, eh... :) happy birthday, little monkee!!! ♥

lovely card, btw, mama! so much dimension and texture and interest on the monkee! (& i cannot imagine how you've torn sooooo neatly around the oval!)

(speaking of the die cutting...have you seen THIS??! totally makes me want a sihouette!)